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Here is a small collection of OpenBSD ports that I have gathered/created. These were not originally meant for official use, just to make for easier reinstallation at later dates. However, rather than just keep them to myself, I decided to share them in case they are of any use for anyone else.

Please note that not EVERYTHING here was 100% created by me, some were pulled from ports systems of other BSDs and some are just quick updates to existing efforts by porters. I have tried to make note of these exceptions where applicable.

:: Net

name :: slurm
! :: Official port found on The information here is for historical purposes only.
version :: 0.3.3
size :: 2914 bytes
file :: file | tree
descr :: Yet another network load monitor. Slurm started as a port of a Linux PPP link monitor called pppstatus by Gabriel Montenegro. It was then transformed into a generic netowrk load monitor that supports *BSD, Linux, HP-UX, and Solaris. Slurm shows `realtime' traffic statistics, has three graph modes, can monitor any network device, and uses curses to draw ascii graphics, including ascii theme support.
notes :: Thu Sep 18 23:02:31 UTC 2008 :: initial import into official ports tree
Tue Sep 16 23:05:42 -0700 2008 :: initial port- fresh port