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Here is a small collection of OpenBSD ports that I have gathered/created. These were not originally meant for official use, just to make for easier reinstallation at later dates. However, rather than just keep them to myself, I decided to share them in case they are of any use for anyone else.

Please note that not EVERYTHING here was 100% created by me, some were pulled from ports systems of other BSDs and some are just quick updates to existing efforts by porters. I have tried to make note of these exceptions where applicable.

:: Sysutils

name :: uptimed
! :: Official port found on The information here is for historical purposes only.
version :: 0.3.17
size :: 1285 bytes
file :: file | tree
descr :: uptimed keeps track of your uptime records, viewable with the included uprecords program.
notes :: Mon Jun 17 22:49:38 PDT 2013 :: input from sthen@, fixed PLIST and rc script, imported to official ports tree
Sat Jun 15 17:58:59 PDT 2013 :: initial revision created, sent to ports@, second revision now sent in for final ok for import